Great Gatsby, F.Scott Fitzgeraald, A Critical Analysis

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Theodore Roethek once wrote "In a dark time, the eye begins to see..." This means that in times of great trials and tribulations, when all seems lost; an inner sense of motivation kicks in. You get a new sense of direction and something is keeping you guided. F. Scott Fitzgerald's novel The Great Gatsby illustrates this quote perfectly. In this novel, the characters, the conflicts, and everything in between are all intertwined through characterazation and symbolism. Jay Gatz made something of himself from starting with nothing, and in a time when he met so many new people and reunited with the love of his life, there seemed to be a tremendous "heat wave". From humble beginnings a man was able to elevate himself into the upper echelons of society and take back the only thing he ever loved, just to have it torn from him again; this is the life of The Great Gatsby

Could you imagine a wonderful, rich, and famous life from a poor and wretched boyhood? If you could, Jason Gatz would be the man.

Growing up, he was not "well off", not even able to make ends meet. He however, had all the tools for success, he was bright, skilled, and perhaps a little to motivated. He enlisted in the army and even became a gentleman, much different than a poor country boy. He found a girl and fell in love...he was almost threatening with his love; he loved her perhaps a bit too much. He was a terrible liar too, he lied even to her to make her think he was rich, and when he came back home, he found out that she was gone and married. Jason Gatz was a man of commitment. He got a real job, changed his name to the more...

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