The Great Gatsby

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The Great Gatsby is a fascinating story of love, wealth, and ultimately death. Jay Gatsby had every notion of being wealthy. This seemed virtually impossible, have being born into a poor family. In no way was it going to stop Gatsby. During the war Gatsby meet a man by the name of Dan Cody. Dan gave Gatsby his first insight into the life of the wealthy. From that day forth he craved what they had. The one thing he hungered for the most was Daisy. Before the war Gatsby had fallen in love with Daisy. Though she was unimpressed with his moneylessness. They were destined to never be together. After the war, Dan had left Gatsby some money. He used this to obtain an illegal business. "Bootlegging" as it was called. A process in which alcoholic beverages were imported into the U.S. This is how Gatsby obtained his fourtune. "New Money" is what it was referred to.

Those who made there money during or after the war. "Old Money" are the ones who just basically always had it. To achieve the attention of Daisy, Gatsby bought a lavish house not far from hers. Here he hosted luxurious parties for anyone willing to attend. The idea was to make it appear as though Gatsby was loved by everyone. Hoping Daisy would eventually follow their foot steps. The one dilemma standing in the way of his plan was her husband, Tom Buchanan. Tom was unimpressed with Gatsbys "New Money". Seeing Jay as an outcast so to speak. Though Nick(a cousin of daisys) and Jordan(a friend of hers) strongly desired the need to attend one of Gatsbys parties. After a thorough discussion, the four of them attended. Here is where Daisy recognizes Jay from the past. Almost instantly she is infatuated with him. Jay could tell that Tom wasn't treating Daisy right. Truth told, Tom was having an affair with a lady by the name of Myrtle Wilson. She was the wife of George Wilson, a well known mechanic. Daisy slowly falls in love with Gatsby. Drawing up problems with her husband Tom. Gatsby was a since of escape for her. One night after partying, Daisy talks Gatsby into letting her drive his car home. At this time Myrtle and George Wilson are having an argument. He had accused her of having an affair and she revolted. In a rage she ran into the street coincidentally getting struck by Gatsby's car. The following day George arrives at Tom's door step asking questions. Tom immediately recognizes his seriousness and turns George to the thought of Gatsby. Jay ran her over, Jay had the affair with her. Having heard this, George walked to Gatsby's house and shot and killed Jay while relaxing in his pool. In the end Daisy and Tom went on like nothing happened. Forgetting they ever knew Jay Gatsby.

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