Great Expectations (chapter X)

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Great Expectations Chapter X Eleven years after Pip left home, he returns to the forge to visit Joe, Biddy, their daughter, and young son, Pip. When he returns, Pip decides to go to The Satis House. While wandering around he notices someone standing in the shadows. As Pip moves closer he realizes that it is Estella. Time had obviously changed her, for she no longer had the proud attitude she had always had before. She tells Pip that she always thought of him, even while she was married to Bentley Drummle. This confuses Pip because he isn't sure if she is leading him on, as she always has. They sit and talk until the daylight starts fading.

Pip helps Joe at the forge for a couple of days, just like old times. As the time comes for Pip to leave again, he gets a message from Estella, saying that Mrs.

Havisham has passed away. Pip goes to The Satis House to see Estella, and finds her sitting in the dining room where the wedding feast still sits. When he approaches her, she apologizes for everything that Mrs. Havisham and she had done to him. She tells him that she has always loved him, but Mrs. Havisham had convinced her not too. Pip can tell that she is truly being sincere this time. He realizes that he has finally gotten what he's always wanted, and doesn't know what to say. He finally tells her the way he has felt about her all of his life. Pip tells her he needs to be alone to think about everything, and goes back to the forge.

Pip sits out in the churchyard, where his parents are buried, and thinks. He doesn't know what he is going to do, because he has the business with Herbert. As he thinks about the life he is living, he realizes he doesn't enjoy what he is doing. When he gets back to the forge Joe and Biddy have dinner prepared. While eating their meal, Joe sees that something is bothering Pip. Joe asks him what's bothering him. Pip tells them everything that he has been thinking about. He tells them about Estella and of how much he loves her. Joe tells him there will always be a place for him in the forge.

Pip returns to The Satis House the next day. Estella tells him that Mrs. Havisham has left her the house and all of her wealth. Pip tells Estella that he is going to stay and work the forge, and asks her if she would marry him if he did this. Estella realizes that if he still wants to marry her after everything she has put him through, he must really love her. She tells him she would love to be with him for the rest of her life. For the rest of the afternoon Pip and Estella sit and make arrangements for their wedding.

Pip, excited about his wedding, rushes back home to Egypt. When he arrives he tells Herbert about his wedding. Herbert, who is depressed about loosing a best friend, acts very excited for him. Pip then asks Herbert about their business. After talking it over for a while, they come to a conclusion. They decide that Herbert will buy Pips share of the business for two-thousand pounds. After Pip gets everything in Egypt taken care of, he heads back to Estella and the forge.

When Pip arrives home Estella, the proud, perfect Estella, is working in the forge with Joe. Pip, amazed at the site of this, helps them work the forge. Pip and Estella have big expensive wedding and invite all of the family and friends. At their wedding Herbert and Clara show up with lots of presents.

Pip and Estella clean up Mrs. Havisham's mess in The Satis House, make many repairs to make it nice, and move into it. Pip uses the money Herbert pays him to open up a new and bigger forge, and gives half of it to Joe. Estella, who was once proud, conceited, and living an unhappy life, changes to a common and happy lady. Pip, who thought he wanted to be a high-class gentleman, found that he already had everything he wanted, and needed to be happy. Pip, Estella, Joe, Biddy, and everyone else lives on as very happy people.

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