Great Britain's role in establishing an industrial society in Europe. (within the period of 1750-1899)

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For the industrial revolution to begin the proper circumstances had to first be present. The enlightenment had finished, spreading intellect, reason, and insight across the continent. This gave a source for the technological advancement needed for an industrialized society. The agricultural revolution in Great Britain during the mid 18th century fuelled a population boom which gave the workforce needed for further industrialization. It also strengthened the British economy, leaving more money to be reinvested into the industrial revolution. Also, there was an abundance of natural resources at hand, especially in northern Britain, which was needed for the fabrication of machine parts, railways, tools, buildings, naval vessels, and other products of the industrial revolution. In the mid eighteenth century, the first signs of an industrial revolution were seen in Great Britain when new innovative machines began to be used in the textile industry. This led to more and more innovation and technological advancement and soon all of Britain was industrialized.

Industrialization spread to the European continent by the 19th century because of Great Britain's technological, social, political, and economic influences. Great Britain would be the leading example for industrialization in continental Europe and North America.

Great Britain's technological role in the industrial revolution was unparalleled by other nations. Some of the first large scale advancements occurred in the agricultural industry during the mid 18th century. New methods of farming were introduced which allowed for larger harvests. By using nitrogen based fertilizer, fields could be made much smaller and less space had to be given up for crop rotation. It was also discovered that growing plants such as clover, fields would regain their fertility much more quickly. Jethro Hull constructed the first seed drill, mechanical sow and horse hoe. These agricultural inventions and many others helped large quantities of produce to...

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