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ESSAY ON GRADUATING CREDITS Montana is the worst state for graduation credits. The state requires many more credits for graduation. The classes are much harder also. Montana has almost the highest standards around the country. Even Belt High School itself has higher standards and graduation accomplishments than Great Falls.

Belt High School requires at least twenty-four credits to graduate. This is very high for any school. That is even high compared to other Montana schools. The truth is that the juniors who go to Belt High School would be seniors at any Great Falls school or out-of-state school from which they might have already graduated. That is totally unfair to us students at Belt High School. We have to work harder than all the other students from other schools. Many of out-of-state schools require only eighteen credits to graduate and some of the m require even less than that.

Even the Great Falls schools only require eighteen or twenty credits to graduate. Plus the classes are much easier. They did not require as much work as the classes do here in Belt High School.

The requirement at Belt High School should be changed. The should be changed to match the other schools. I think we should at least have twenty, if not only eighteen, credits to graduate. That would make it much more fair to us students at Belt High School. It would be very hard to change at any time because of the kids who are already in high school who would have to have it changed while they are there. It would also be unfair to the people who have already graduated from Belt High School.

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