That government schools should have condom vending machines

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Condom vending machines promote safe sex.

Ladies and Gentlemen, we should have condom vending machines in government schools.

I'll be arguing the following points

> That the availability of condoms within schools will not and does not promote teen sexual activity.

>That this system has been proven to encourage those who normally practice unsafe sex to practice safe sex.

I'll also propose a clear, integrated model that will help students make the right decisions in regards to sex, where a vital part would be the availability of condoms via vending machines within schools.

Now for my first point, that the availability of condoms within schools will not, and does not promote teenage sexual activity. The first thing we have to accept, is teenagers do have sex, and will continue to have sex, and just like in the past, in some cases unprotected. What we need to do, as responsible members of society, upon this realisation, is make sure, that teenagers are given every single opportunity, to make their actions, as risk-free as possible.

Approximately half of all Australians have had sex by the time they are 16, as found by a recent study by La Trobe University.

In that, it seems only logical to deduce that most people, who have had their first sexual experience by the age of 18, will still be in school.

Teamed with this, it has also been found that 60% of people who have had sex by the age of 16, have not used any forms on contraception. This has lead to a dramatic increase in reported sexually transmitted diseases, including the fatal HIV/AIDS, among adolescents. It has also prompted talk to take action to protect our youth.

A condom vending machine program, funded by the governments for schools, could be an active way, to...

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