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There are many inadequate problems on the Sunshine coast, and the Sunshine Motorway is no exception. One might ask the question, do our local councillors not use the roads? Or how much time and revenue is wasted as people sit in traffic each day on this so-called motorway?

If I were to say, "how long would it take me to drive 7 kilometres with a 100 kilometre speed limit?", what would your response be?

Assuming that a motorist drove at top speed, using simple maths, it is easy to work out it would not take much longer than 5 minutes.

Although on the sunshine coast this is not the case, at peak hours it is not uncommon to take more than 45 minutes to complete the trip from Maroochy north shore and Maroochydore. Motorists are angry and just plain fed up. The stretch of road has become the Coast's biggest hold-up, driving local residents like Alice Brennman from Twin Waters to misery as she sees the long formidable wait ahead of her as she stares on the expanse of cars stretched for miles.

She said "I frequently make two trips along the Motorway everyday and it usually takes 10-15 minutes jus to get over the bridge", adding "It's really irritating, I have been at school all day and the last thing I want to do is sit in the car for forty-five minutes when it should only take fifteen it also puts pressure on my mother as she has to make many trips which is real frustrating for her.

So what is being done about it exactly?

The State Government 2005 budget, $168.8 million was set-aside in a package that will include the duplication of the Sunshine Motorway to four lanes between Maroochydore Road and Pacific Paradise, including a new...

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