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Venus: Goddess of Love & Beauty

Venus, goddess of love, beauty, and pleasure, many adore and admire her as being the most beautiful, lovely, and desirable of all the mythological gods. Venus was the daughter of Jupiter and she had a son named Cupid. She was the goddess of chastity, but her love affairs were patterned and she married Vulcan (Hephaestus) and had an affair with Mars (Ares). Venus is most commonly associated with the arrival of spring and bringer of joy for humans and gods. Despite being the most beautiful, Venus enjoyed stirring up trouble. All of the gods & goddesses have a purpose through Greek and Roman history that is still evident today in modern day society.

Love and beauty are everywhere in modern day society, especially California. This is made possible from all media and celebrities alike. Hollywood is all about beauty and glamour in which, Venus represents.

They even have a razor named after Venus that will make a woman's legs beautiful after shaving! Beauty is associated with both men and women; however it seems to lean more towards women. For Example, the title novel: Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus depicts that men should be strong and ready to fight and women should be lovely and beautiful. Venus is the epitome of beautiful women across the world.

Then you have Mars; god of war. Mars represents how our society depicts men. Our society tells us that men should be strong and fierce, ready to fight, just like Mars. In America today, it is most likely that one would find a man in uniform on the front line. Although there are many women in the army the number of men far surpasses that of women. Mars is the representation of the perfect man in...

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