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Objective My main objective is to win a job, in which I can use my skills to my advantage which are to list a few social, education and physical shape. I don't want any old job I am a person with pride and I want to take pride in a workplace like yours.

Employment Job Title: Cook Years Employed ( 1996 -current ) Organization Name City and Province of Organization Boston Pizza Ladner, British Columbia I am a very dependable and reliable cook here. I also am a valuable member to the team in that I am of closing caliber making me on of the best cooks, even with my age. Also since I am a male I've been called upon to do some of the heavier work such as garbage, and cleaning that someone else couldn't handle.

Job Title: Paper boy Years Employed (Ex: 1993 - 95 ) Organization Name City and State of Organization Delta Optimist Ladner, British Columbia .

I was the standard paper delivery boy.

Education Grades completed: Currently in gr.12 Years Attended (Ex: 1994 - 99) Institution Name City and State of Institution D.S.S. Ladner, British Columbia I am an outstanding academic student and am almost always on the Honor Roll. I am also a senior football player for the Delta Pacers. I am currently a captain of the team because of my exemplary leadership, and my undying desire to be the best.

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