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In the diary, Go Ask Alice the author is anonymous. The subject of this book is Alice. Alice has extremely low self-esteem. An example from the book is when she thinks she is so overweight she goes on an extreme diet where she often skips meals. She also tells her diary "I'm no bargain". Lastly when getting dumped by Roger she is practically suicidal. Alice's low self esteem and poor self image have a major impact on her drug use because the drugs make her feel free, such as when she freely dances in front of everyone at Jill's gathering.

Alice is constantly sucked into the world of drugs. I have observed many "highs" and also "lows" from her drug abuse. She misuses drugs such as sleeping pills. Ritchie also gives her "stuff" to use at home. Another example is at Shelia's in San Francisco when she is raped and also on drugs at the time.

When in Denver Alice is on a "bad trip" and in complete denial that she hardly knows where she is.

Alice also has family issues. In the beginning Alice seems jealous of her brother and sister's ability to "fit in" easily. Alice is also constantly trying to live up to her mother's expectations. She feels as if she needs to win her mother's love. At one point she buys her mother a lovely pin for Christmas hoping her mother will love her for it. Her feelings towards her parents are that she desperately wants them to accept her. She feels this is an impossible task when her parents are forever "nagging" about her appearance, such as her hair, friends, and the way she speaks. After her family's slight knowledge of Alice's drug problems they have her younger brother follow her around.

In conclusion Alice displays many examples of low self-esteem. One conclusion the reader can draw after reading this book is that Alice's low self-esteem was one reason for her drug problems. I have learned a lot from this book such as many tragic consequences from drugs not only to yourself but the people around you who love you.

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