Globalization and Women

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How can globalization make a difference in the reality of women's lives? For several years now, the problems of achieving meaningful enforcement of women's rights have been a matter of international public concern. The very notion of human rights implies universal application to both women and men; however, the process of globalization has been partial and andocentric, privileging a masculine worldview. For most women in the world, reality is long work hours in agriculture or the home, with little or no remuneration, while faced with political and legal processes that ignore their contribution to society and accord little recognition of their particular needs. At the same time, it is a mistake to be limited to a monolithic view of women that does not take into account the great differences among women in various regions of the world. For that reason, any attempt to address the human rights of women must consider how they can be protected in the context of their own cultures and traditions.

The objective of this essay is to argue that the implementation of gender equity must take place in order to transcend the marginality of women in transnational politics. First, the stage will be set by describing the different definitions of feminism, and tracing the shifting debates about gender relations and sexual difference. Secondly, this essay will explore gender issues in the global political economy and their support as progressed by two major international organizations that focus on issues covered by the different definitions of feminist theory. The significance of the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund will be discussed as they pertain to the exploitation of women in developing countries and the failure to address their needs. Finally, once these two integral areas and their respective constraints have been underpinned, this essay will claim...

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