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The New Global Marketing Forum


Globalization is a complex system of social, economic, and political factors that adhere not only in relation to states or nations, but also to the globe as a holistic interrelated unit. Globalization is run by actors on the global stage, which operate through several categories positioned at different levels, each with a specific function to serve the global capitalist system The cultural-ideology of consumerism supports the global capitalist system; it promotes a social trend in which the population consumes amounts incredibly past the threshold of basic needs, into the often persuaded and accepted notion of consuming as much as possible. Therefore, a demand for an increase in production is created, which rotates the wheels of corporations in the direction that offers more personal profit and a higher value of company investment. "The state doesn't choose among companies, the companies choose among states" illustrates the lack of importance of state designation to corporations and its overall transparency to an "owner-country".

Measurement tools used to determine the amount of globalization that has occurred within a corporation are benchmarking, world best practice and global vision. Benchmarking is the setting of either internal or external goals, which during a certain time period, the corporation plans to achieve. The highest set of standards that exist in the global corporate system is known as world best practice. Most corporations will use benchmarking to attempt to meet or surpass the world best practice standards. Corporations create these continuous improvement plans in order to be competitive in the global market. Global vision is similar to a mission statement that provides the company's global wishes. An example is as follows: "To be the best textbook distributor in the world." The fact that the company wishes to be a strong global force can easily...

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