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What is Globalization? In my opinion, globalization is our new idea that has its basis in the idea of manifest destiny but with other terms and stipulations. This idea is to unify the global markets and make peace within countries and continents. It is said that the Cold War is a basis of this but I primarily see the Cold War as an arms race and nothing more. It was as if the United States and the Soviet Union decided to ignore each other and see who could build the best and most weapons the fastest with no intention of using them. I see this idea as a fallacy. What would be the purpose of building great weapons of destruction with no intention of using them? Why spend the countries money on weapons instead of helping the economy, the poor, and the greater needs of the country.

I believe globalization is a fairy tale.

There are too many aspects that prevent globalization rather than promoting it. First and foremost is the tension between nations and their recourses. This can be shown in the case of oil and the Middle East. Why would they want to globalize themselves when oil is the premiere industry that keeps their economy from crashing? I believe it is quite smart on the part of the Middle Eastern countries to hold the monopoly over the oil industry and set prices as they please. It insures jobs within their nation and it is their source of industry. Why would the Middle Eastern countries want to have us and the rest of the world around? As long as they control the market for oil I believe that is their cash crop and it is a very smart business move on their part. After all, in my opinion, the...

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