Globalisation and the New Wars

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Globalisation and the New Wars


Today's world has become one of private issues and public issues as described by C Wright Mills. A world where poverty, pollution, hunger and many other ills have been pushed away from the public domain to become private issues to be dealt with by the individual. A world dominated by the stupid and ignorant. Where NIMBY's (not in my backyard) are every where. As Margaret Thatcher famously stated a

"there is no such thing as society only individuals".

(Margaret Thatcher October 3rd 1987)

Of course what she was doing was to help promote an ideology that enabled her to go on to privatize much of the United Kingdom infrastructure and is still going on today.


As the gap between the rich and poor grows ever larger. We find more and more families having to survive on minimum wage. However this is not considered a public issue it is a private problem to be dealt with in such away.

Kept in the privacy of the family, it seems that we are made to feel a shamed, that some how it is our fault. Ehereneich in her book Nickel and Dimed tries to live on minimum wage in some of the most degrading jobs available to those of us who live in the developed countries of the west. She tries to make ends meet while she moves from job to job and finds herself living in trailer parks where she encounters more and more people who just accept their lot in life and get on with it. Today in the United States there is still a belief in the American dream. That through hard work you can still achieve whatever you set your mind to.

The issue of poverty should be...

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