Globalisation and the effects on australian society

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What effects has globalisation had on Australian society?

Globalisation can many different definitions and is constantly changing, and there does not seem to be a widely accepted definition and will take on different cultural, political, social and other connotations as time goes on . It is indeed an economic phenomenon, involving the increasing interaction, or integration of national economic systems through the growth in international trade, investment and capital flows. It is a cross border social, cultural, technological exchange. It's a process in which geographic distance becomes a factor of diminishing importance in the establishment and maintenance of cross border economic, political and socio-cultural relations. (Comaroff, 2000: 291-343) Globalisation undeniably is a capitalist process and has taken off as a concept in the wake of the collapse of the soviet union and of socialism as a viable alternate form of economic organisation. Globalisation can be seen in transitional stages from agricultural, industrial and technological.

These revolutions were decisive in the establishment of the modern, globalised world, what is called a global village. Without these revolutions the creation of the scaffold for globalisation would not have been created; private property, means and modes of production, extensive trading, communication, transport, technology, population and labour increase and mass production.

The beginnings of the acceptance of what we could call globalisation began when the Labor government of Bob Hawke took office, most believed that he would continue along the lines of Whitlam policies; social welfare programmes, expansion of the role of public service and re-establishing Australian control over the nation's assets. (Strachan, 1998: 17) Yet this was not to be so, the government took on the policy of "economic rationalism" and Australia was in the age where economics took over all other aspects of government. Breaking down the meaning and processes of economic rationalism...

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