Glacier Bay, Alaska: Nature's Display of Beauty and Power

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"Beauty is in the eye of the beholder," Plato once said. There is beauty in people, in your surroundings, and in the stars at night. There are many places on this planet that Mother Nature has given a special touch. Scenes that are so breathtaking that it makes you realize who you are, where you are at, and how small you are. There are places where all of your senses are awestruck with the surroundings, and you feel total powerlessness in the grandeur. When you see the awesome displays of nature at Glacier Bay, Alaska, they can make you feel that powerlessness.

The beauty around Glacier Bay is truly something to behold. As you stand in a cruise boat, you look around and take notice of everything. There are majestic, rocky, snow capped, mountains that surround the bay and rise to above 15,000 feet. They seem to stare down at you and make you feel as if you should kneel to their presence.

They tower over you and stand guard over this serene scene. As the sun sets slowly behind you, the pink and orange reflections off of the mountain peaks almost blind you. A fierce wind sweeps down from the mountains. It races across the glacier and bay, and it touches you. Immediately, goose bumps spring up all over you, and the chill sends shivers down your spine

The glaciers, filled with prehistoric ice, snake down from these mountains and into the bay before you. The mountains seem to be handing these glaciers to you as a gift. You can't even imagine what to do with that kind of power. You can see and hear pillars of ancient ice and snow periodically falling off of the glacier and into the calm, clear bay. They crash into the water...

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