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The Giver is a novel written by Lois Lowery, In which there is a boy character, Jonas, who lives in a society that's different from ours, they have no freedom and they can't make choices. I wouldn't want to live in Jonas society because one does not have the choice to make a choice. For example, if one wants a spouse, one has to apply for one and if approved will have one chosen for him/her. Also one can only have one boy and one girl, a limit of two kids. One can't have ones own children. There are birth mothers that have three kids. Then the extra child is given away to people who apply for them. In addition, At the age of twelve, there is a ceremony in which twelve-year-olds is in which are assigned certain jobs which can't be changed no matter what. The jobs are chosen based on what the child spent doing there best on during the four years of volunteer work.

My choice of not wanting to live in Jonas's society is based on my belief that in life one needs to make choices because with out choices one want understand the meaning of life. In Jonas society you are treated like a robot.

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