The Girl Who Love Tom Gordon

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Dear Stephen King, This piece of unfinished work you have entitled The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon has great potential. With a little more time and effort this story line should do well in stores. Overall the work that you have done so far is great. The work just needs some improvement here and there.

There are many strengths and weaknesses in this storyline. When dealing with the plot, the strengths that I see are the way the events slowly surmount and the climatic ending. Weaknesses that deal with the plot are how Trisha gets lost, and how nothing serious happened to her when Trisha fell down the side of the mountain.

The characters also have strengths and weaknesses. Trisha had very good mental and physical strength later in the story. You also portrayed the family as being typical, in the way that Trisha's mother and brother always fought.

The weaknesses that I saw were, how Trisha got lost. You made Trisha sound like an idiot. I also did not like the way you did not let the reader know if the parents got back together or not.

From what you have writin so far, the work should appeal to most audiences. The work contains courage, faith, and hope all in one. The storyline is also thrilling, and shows love and fear. What the audience may not like is that toward the middle the storyline gets a little dry but then livens up at the end. The storyline also sounds like so many other books.

The reading level of this work is great. The storyline contains excitement for all ages, and can be read by almost any age. The piece of work is one that you can barely put down once you have picked up.

The story may not be all that original but you have added nice little twists. If you continue with writing I would keep the same style. With your style brings excitement and drama. These qualities are ones that sell books.

The piece of writing needs a few changes and improvements. Some of the changes include making the middle of the story a little more exciting and changing how Trisha got lost. I see the improvements as adding more drama and action to the entire storyline. Overall this writing has great potential and I hope my constructive criticism has help. Keep writing and good luck.

Sincerely, Publishing Agent John Blackburn IV

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