A Girl And Her Dad

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*Dad* Hey I'm so glad you wrote me that letter, but I wish you had written it sooner. Mom and I were so worried about you. Like a month ago mom heard on the news that there was a po po chase with two guys and it involved a red neon on the West Side of Detroit. One of the guys went to jail and the other guy is in the hospital. We hopped it wasn't you but just incase I found out as much info as we could. I'm so glade that you are ok. Mom and I went to parent teacher conferences tonight and my grades were 4 F's and 2 B's. But I'm trying to bring up my grades. I don't have that many problems with mike my ass whole ex boyfriend any more cuz I try to avoid him as much as possible. But like a month ago him hit me again and we went to the cops.

So that's why he doesn't start stuff with me anymore. But other then that I'm doing good and staying out of trouble. Well I'm going to let you go ok.

I Love U Daddy! Love your favorite daughter, ******

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