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Gingko Biloba The only surviving member of the Gingko family, the Ginkgoaceae trees trace their roots back past the Jurassic period, no pun intended. In the prehistoric period there were dozens of different species of the Gingko, why they all but vanished is still a mystery to botanists. Ginkgo is revered in some cultures as a great medicine, and standard medicine in apothecary shops even today. It is regarded as a great shade tree as well as a good "Urban" tree due to the fact that it can grow well in urban environments, over 60 feet, but it can flourish better in open spaces. The leaves are fan-shapedand and have a slit in the middle of the upper leaf, hence the name Biloba. The Gingko has a male and a female tree, both having the fruiting bodies. The female cannot bare fruit until twenty years after it sprouts. The majority of people however only have the male trees, as the female has an offensive smell and would be sure to decrease someone's property value.

Due to this most people take a graft of the male and transplant it. Now grown all over the world it was most populous in Asia until exportation made if flourish all over the world. The word Gingko is derived from the word Ginkyo meaning "Silver Apricot." Resources

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