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10/14 pages 1 - 10 20 minutes It was the day after Christmas and Jennifer was on her way to her best friend, Trisha's house. They were showing each other their Christmas gifts. Trisha got a leather jacket and Jennifer got an antique necklace. On the back of the necklace it said, Domonique Fear. Fear was Jennifer's last name.

Prediction: I predict that the golden, antique, necklace will be evil. I can already tell that it plays a major roll in this novel.

10/15 pages 11-17 17 minutes Jennifer was seeing Ty Sullivan, the hottest guy in the school. They went on their date and everything was going great. When Ty started to kiss her he cut his lip on her necklace that she was wearing. Everything started going down hill from there. He brought her home and broke it off with her. That was the last thing she remembered.

Prediction: I predict that necklace is making her forget things. That is why she can't remember things after she got dumped.

10/16 pages 18-30 20 minutes Jennifer was having a bad dream that she was taking a walk outside and nearly freezing to death. When she woke up she really was outside in her nightgown, frozen and barely alive. She was in Ty's back yard. She raced home as fast as possible thinking that she was just sleep walking or something.

The next day at school she told Trisha about the whole thing. Right when Jennifer was done with her story a girl named Pheobe walked over and told them how Ty was attacked that night in his backyard. Sometimes Trisha had very strange visions and Jennifer could tell that she was having a vision from the expression on her face. Trisha took off running.

Predictions: I predict that the vision Trisha had will show that Jennifer was the one who attacked Ty that night before. That is why Trisha ran from Jennifer.

10/17 pages 31-40 18 minutes Later on that day Jennifer and Trisha went to eat pizza. Ty was there with his new girlfriend. Trisha started freaking out and Jennifer didn't know why. She wasn't even the one who got dumped.

While Jennifer was driving home later that night there was a thick fog but through it she could see a shadow like figure. By the time she figured out that it was a person it was already too late. She hit the brakes and skidded around on the ice. When she finally got stopped she could see a person but who was it. She yelled back to see if they were ok, while she was slipping on the ice, what she heard was very surprising. It was Ty's voice. " Stay away, just stay away," yelled Ty.

Predictions: I predict that Jennifer's necklace made her hit Ty . She just doesn't know it. I think she will do more bad things pretty soon. Maybe even kill Ty.

10/18 pages 40-48 20 minutes Jennifer had another dream. She went to Ty's house again but this time when she got there she had a box of matches in her hand. She had a very confident feeling this time also. Nothing could stop her. Suddenly she dropped the match. Her heart now pounding in her chest, she sat up. I am laying in my own bed she thought. Jennifer thought this was only a dream. She soon found out that some one had actually started his house on fire.

Jennifer didn't have much time she was already late and to pick up Trisha but she couldn't find her other glove. Right as Jennifer was leaving she heard the doorbell and there stood Trisha. She had a look fo fear in her eyes. Jennifer could tell she had another vision. She was right. Trisha explained this vision to Jennifer but this time should could see who it was that set Ty's house on fire. " It was you Jennifer, you set his house on fire !" Prediction: I predict that Jennifer won't believe Trisha. I also think that the glove Jennifer is missing will show up at Ty's house proving she was there somehow.

10/19 pages 49-56 15 minutes Trisha and Jennifer went to Ty's house and gasped st the sight. They decided to leave but as they were walking away they saw something laying in a pile of ashes. Trisha bent down and grabbed a yellow glove. Jennifer looked at it in dismay. She grabbed the glove from Trisha. This is my glove, Jennifer thought. Together they hurried away from the smoldering home.

They went to a coffee shop downtown and were talking about how everything became so strange when Jennifer received the antique necklace. After Trisha tried it on she had a vision a horrible vision of Domonique being burned at the stake while wearing the same necklace. " Domonique was evil, I could feel it," pronounced Trisha. Trisha kept on talking about how her spirit was trying to control Jennifer. She must have picked you because you are both Fears. Trisha was saying so many things. Could they be true? Jennifer thought. No, with a sudden jolt she ran out of the coffee shop.

Predictions: I predict that Jennifer will try to figure out if she actually did those crimes. I think she will try to get rid of the necklace.

10/20 pages 57-66 18 minutes Jennifer went to the school for basketball practice and she saw some other girls standing outside and stopped to listen. They were talking about how it was very suspicious that Jennifer and Ty broke up right before these things started to happen. Jennifer with her heart broken.

Later on at her house she went into her father's library and found a book entitled, The Fear Family A Chronicle. She was searching for something about Domonique and she found it. Domonique had an affair with a man named Nigel Fetherston. Ten years later Domonique was burned at the stake for suspected murder of Nigel. Later on though it was said that she was actually innocent. She too, just like Trisha, had visions. Her vision was that Nigel would die but no one would believe her. When he really did die they accused her. Domonique's last words were, " Someone is going to pay for my death ! I am innocent." I have to get this necklace off now, Jennifer thought. It wouldn't budge.

She yanked and tugged, harder and harder. Unexpectedly the necklace began to glow a bright red and she could feel fire throughout her whole body.

Prediction: I predict that the necklace will not come off because it is very evil. I think she is going to do kill someone before it will come off.

10/22 pages 67-73 10 minutes Jennifer got her mom to try and help get the necklace off. It worked. The necklace came right off. Jennifer was bleeding now since she yanked so hard. Now that Jennifer knew what Trisha said about the necklace and Domonique's spirit she hid it in a drawer.

Predictions: I predict that something is still going to make Jennifer do odd things. I think maybe because the necklace made her bleed it will always be in her now.

10/24 pages 74-85 15 minutes Jennifer and Trisha went to the mall to get party supplies because Jennifer was having a new years party. Suddenly someone grabbed her arm and told her to stay quiet so no one would get hurt. She turned to see who it was. It was Ty ! He said it was a warning to stay away and never talk to him again.

Jennifer and Trisha were just standing there when Trisha looked at me. Jennifer had never seen her looking like this in her whole life. She was an unbelievable pale white color with evil facial features and her eyes were glowing with fear, torment, and hatred. " Someone will pay for my death," Trisha screamed. Her voice was very low and had also changed. That was when Jennifer realized that it was Domonique.

Predictions: I predict that Trisha will be the one who is hurting people. Somehow I think they will be related.

10/25 pages 86-95 15 minutes Jennifer started her party and a lot of people came. Ty and his new girlfriend also came. Jennifer was dancing and began to feel very woozy so she stepped outside for some air. While she was outside she heard this awful shriek and realized it was Trisha. Jennifer ran to her to see what was wrong. When she walked into the room that everyone was now huddled around she saw Ty staring at his girlfriend who was laying in a puddle of blood, dead.

Predictions: I predict that everyone I going to blame this all on Jennifer. I think that it will be Trisha who actually killed her.

10/27 pages 96-115 32 minutes Ty grabbed Jennifer and she jolted toward him. " You did this, you wanted your revenge and was jealous of our relationship !" Pronounced Ty. I didn't was all Jennifer could squeak out. She turned to run into the bathroom and threw up. Two police showed up and started examining the room. The noticed that there was a shelf with sharp corners hanging down. They weren't sure but they thought it could have hit her in the head. The police took the body and left along with all of the kids at the party.

Jennifer woke up the next morning and went downstairs. Both of her parents were sitting there. She had to tell them what was going on and she did. Her father was shocked by the news but he too had something to confess . " We aren't really Fears, my grandfather was a poor man and took in the name because he knew people would give him favors and he was new in town so it didn't matter.

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