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Michael Jackson is one of the most world wide known wealthiest idols in the world. In the current Michael Jackson child molestation trial in Santa Maria he is under scrutiny of being titled as a calculating child molester who has misused his fame, wealth and influence to prey on young sick vulnerable children. In defense of Jackson it has arisen that he could be a victim of a cruel extortion attempt by Gavin Arvizo and his family.

Michael Jackson used his fortune to design a ranch named Neverland, where under privileged children could come and experience a magical fun filled placed where they could play and stay all provided by the pop star. Ranging from real life elephants to wonderful rollercoaster rides. Jackson excelled in making a better life for children in need by using his money to help others and not only on himself. Jackson got in touch with Gavin Arvizo and his family when Gavin became ill with cancer in 2000.

Jackson invited him and his family to his California neverland ranch after the doctors said there was no chance for Gavin. Michael believed he could help the boy by coating him with love and happiness by exposing the boy to neverland.

Opening arguments in the trial against Michael Jackson implied two ghastly different natures of the pop stars. Predator or victim. Santa Barbara County district attorney Thomas Sneddon described Jackson as a pervert that molested the young sick cancer victim 13 year old Gavin Arvizo. It was told that Jackson used alcohol, pornographic magazines and the internet to seduce and indecently touch the boy on more than one occasion, which was witnessed by Gavin's 12 year old brother who has testified against Jackson in court. Gavin's sister had also testified that Jackson had engaged in unlawful...

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