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Our DNA is like computer programming. Our soul, the programmer, wrote a code to allow our body, the computer program, and the mind, the user, to work effectively together.

The user is a curious little creature, and after using the program successfully for so long, it felt the need to open up the root files and tinker with the codes inside to modify and hopefully enhance the capabilities of his machine. Instead of waiting for a new software version to emerge from the midst of the masses, the user was impatient, and attempted to force things along in his PC, a machine that was not designed to the feats the user expected it to perform.

The user had no idea the significance of the code, or for that matter, the fine tuning involved of such a complex scripting language. Because the code has been bothered by an external hand and improperly re-written, errors occur.

The body cannot read the code any further, for there is an obstacle in it's way, accidentally created by improper scripting by the user. Thus, the mind, the user, is only given a limited list of commands, because the computer does not recognize the rest of the sequence any more, and some options as a result, are disabled. Previous menus and options are lost to the user, and only a few are left, free of error. The user has tried over hundreds of thousands of years to work around these glitches, and failed miserably. Humanity is suffocated in an error. If we could learn the language of our DNA and the language our soul used to write it, we could find a way to correct that string of code. Then, and only then, could our DNA and body move on to the next command, and only then, can we evolve.

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