Genetics and affects of alcohol on body

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Young people first try alcohol at twelve years of age. Even by the most permissive standards, that is too young to handle alcohol. While the risks are real, not every young drinker is going to end up an alcoholic or beset by alcohol abuse problems. Some people might wonder, " Do genetics and gender determine ones reaction to alcohol?" I would answer that question by saying "I think that it depends on your background". Alcohol reaction depends on ones culture, genes, religion, gender, muscle tissue, and environment you live in. while looking for answers in books and articles I found out more than I thought I would find. I have learned that drinking alcohol damages your whole body and body parts I never thought would get damaged. When drinking, alcohol goes into your bloodstreams, brain, liver and all kinds of tissues that most of us don't even know exists. I tried to answer that question by making a survey that 19 people took, which helped me a lot.

The survey had questions like: gender, age, weight, nationality, and how many drinks you have a week, what you usually drink, and how do you feel after drinking. Out of nineteen people were 10 males and 9 females. People that took the survey were 17-48 years of age, but most people were 17years old. I tried to organize their weight into two categories: 115-145lbs and 145-206lbs. Since more males filled out the survey, most of them got categorized into the second category (145-206lbs). Most males when they drink, it takes them about 1-10 shots to get them buzzing (dizzy, light headed). They say, they mostly drink Smirnoff, vodka and beer. Couple of them drinks wine during eating hours, which helps them digest. For females, it takes them only 1-5 shots to get...

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