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According to the holy bible, the god made a woman from a man's rib. This shows that from ancient time, a woman already became dependent on a man. Today, that opinion seems to be changing. Many countries on the world admit to gender equality among men and women. However, there are some people still think that woman are born to be subordinate to men. What factors make these people always think like that? Are they biological, or social and cultural factors?

Some scientists and theorists believe that there are some differences between men and women because of biological differences. First, they differ from genetic structure. Men have one "X" chromosome and one "Y" chromosome while women have both "X" chromosome. Second, there is hormonal difference between men and women. Testosterone (aggression) and androgen are higher in men while estrogen and others are higher in women. Third, they have a different gonadal and genital.

Men have penis and testes while women have clitoris and ovaries. And also there is evidence that there is a brain function difference. Women's brains have a larger corpus callosum than men have. These biological differences give males and female slight differences in motivation. And they explain why women are more intuitive and better at expressing their emotions while according to Hamilton McCubbin and Barbara Blum Dahl, former professor at the University of Minnesota assume that "men are better at dealing with abstract concepts". They also prove that women are physically weaker than men; women are more verbal while men are more oriented to actions; women are more diplomatic, men are more direct and also women are more nurturant while men are more instrumental.

According to Hamilton McCubbin and Barbara Blum Dahl, "most differences between females and males are learned through family interactions, socialization in schools, and...

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