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Dear New Client, Welcome to the program! Please mail us the following as soon as possible: (Forms are attached) DO NOT FAX 1. Hardship Worksheet. (The more detail you give us, the easier it is to help you) 2. Hardship Documentation - If you have medical problems, a letter from your doctor or copies of medical records. If you are on disability, a copy of your disability letter and/or a copy of your disability check. If you have tax bills, copies of these help. Anything in your hardship which you might have documentation of, please send us copies. It helps us get you better settlements.

3. Individual Client Interview Sheet. (Include all social security numbers of all persons on the debt we are negotiating for you) 4. Notarized Powers of Attorney. We need you to get the Power of Attorney notarized. (Most Stationary Stores have Notary's who can do this for you.

This gives us the legal right to contact your creditor and discuss your accounts with them. Also, this allows us to request that they contact us and not you.

A Notary Public guarantees that it is you signing the Power of Attorney, protects you against fraud, and is therefore a requirement by most banks.) 5. The bills your creditors send you on the accounts we are negotiating.

PURPOSE OF THE PROGRAM: Our purpose is to help you get out of debt and into a strong financial condition. We want to help you have a life where your financial circumstance helps you have a better life and is not a constant source of stress and worry. We do this by negotiating reduced settlements on your unsecured debts as you have the money available for settlements.

Our Job: 1. To have all the banks and creditors who handle your debt contact us and not you.

2. To tell the banks and other creditors about your circumstances, inform them of what our company is, what we do and what we are doing for you. To give them some idea of how and when we will be settling your debt with them.

3. To update the banks and other creditors of your progress on the program.

4. To negotiate settlements on your debts as the money is available to do this.

To help you achieve the above stated purpose.

Your Job: 1. Keep the "Creditor Call Log". Please don't call us with the creditor calls you get, use the log.

2. Fax the log to us as often as you need until all the calls have stopped.

Fax # (818) 242-8145. Or mail these to us at Financial Rescue Services 249 N Brand Blvd. #405 Glendale, CA 91203.

If we don't get the logs, we can't stop the calls…. please keep the logs and send them to us regularly.

3. Follow the "Phone Script" as closely as possible.

4. Send us the new statements and correspondence from your creditors every two weeks so that we can handle them accordingly. You will receive correspondence from the creditors in response to settlement proposals we have made as well as notices from collection agencies. These are vital and very much needed for us to handle your accounts.

5. If you get threatening letters from your creditors, letters from collection agencies, letters from collection attorneys or any type of letter from a lawyer, mail them to us right away.

6. Let us know of any change in address, phone number or job. Keep us informed of anything else important about your life that could assist us in getting your settlements done.

With both of us doing our job, we can together achieve the goal of helping you become debt free! Call us, fax, or write us with any questions you may have or anything you may need. We look forward to talking to you soon. TOLL FREE # (866) 979-7377 REMEMBER: PLEASE DON'T USE FAX LINE EXEPT FOR CREDITOR CALL LOGS.

Best Regards, Michele Rolih Customer Service Manager

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