Gay marriages

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Would this be a factor if we did not even allow any one to be gay? Just like in the military. If you do not tell anyone you are gay, then no one can do any thing about it until some one finds that it is true. If being gay is wrong in the first place then why do we have to worry about their rights? Why is it so hard to stop the gay marriages around the U.S.? Would it help if big industries like Disney World would stop supporting the gays?

Many people are willing to fight for the rights of gays. If we can take away what is wrong like drugs and alcohol then it shouldn't be hard to take away gay marriages. So I believe that being gay and along with gay marriages should be against the law. I understand that everyone has their own rights, but when someone breaks the law their certain rights are taken away.

Once we take gay marriages away we will not even have this as a problem any more.

The minority of people in the U.S. are gay and express it more openly now than ever before.

It seems we accept gays more now than ever before in history. I can't believe we care so much about our rights, more than we care about what is right. I do not believe we should program certain t.v. episodes that have homosexuality as part of their show, because it allows the people who are watching it come to not care about the sick act that is being presented. Not only kids but also adults become comfortable with the fact that homosexuality is normal.

This is a huge factor with Disney World right now. Every month they have a gay week. They...

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