Gay Marriage This paper is written to support homosexual marriages, and offers three reasons why it should be accepted

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Gay marriage is one of the most controversial issues facing our country today. Many argue that it violates religious principles and morals; however, this should not be the reason for prohibiting same sex marriage. From a legal standpoint there is no explanation in the Constitution for a law that would prohibit all unions except between a man and a woman. Marriage has changed throughout the years. Wives are now equal rather than subordinate partners, and interracial marriage is now widely accepted, both in statute and in society. Marriage is the highest expression of love between two people, and the government should not be allowed to decide whom we can or cannot love. Marriage has drastically changed over the years; wives are now equal and people accept interracial marriages, and should also accept same-sex marriages. If same sex marriages were barred in all 50 states, it would be a huge step backward in civil rights.

Not allowing two men or two women to marry is one step above not allowing interracial marriage.

All heterosexual married couples are granted many benefits that are not given to gay couples because their unions are not recognized by the government. There is a great economic advantage to being married, and this is denied to gay couples. Couples are given tax breaks by filing their taxes jointly, and this usually saves them money. There are also the rights of legal spouses, such as medical decisions involving DNR orders, jurisprudence, and inheritance. Financial aids and funds are not recognized by many states and are usually not associated with a gay marriage. All these rights are not given to gay couples because these couples are not married in the eyes of the government. In addition, homosexuals do not have death benefits for their life partner in a marriage.

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