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Gattaca "˜'They have got discrimination down to a science'' the film "˜GATTACA' shows that this could become reality the future. Discuss? The movie "˜Gattaca', directed and written by Andrew Niccols (Columbia Pictures 1997), has been based "˜'in the not so distant future'' where discrimination will be brought down to a "˜'science''. Niccolas warns us that the world that 'GATTACA' is based upon could soon become our reality. That your whole life will be already planned, the moment your are born, by your genes.

Two groups are divided in the society: valids, who are genetically modified and in valid who are not genetically modified and brand as the godchild.

Valids where classed by the genetic quotient which had been already chosen for them before birth which gave then infinite levels of perfection comparison to the in-valids which were branded as the underclass because they were conceived naturally and weren't tampered with their genetic make up.

This is where the discrimination starts is at birth.

"˜'They have got discrimination down to a science'' and who are they? "˜They' are the ones that have not done anything to stop this "˜they' have accepted this as apart of life and never questioned it. "˜They' are the employees to whom you can not lie to "˜'your real resume is in your cells'' and schools that only accept valid because insurance can cover them if they have an accident "˜They' are the police also well as the government and the legal system for not controlling or stoping this situation which has now gotten out of control. Family, friends and lovers would also fall under this category because they to discriminate to make sure that the other spouse have certain modifications and standards a good example of this would be is when Vincent's...

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