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Comparison Of The Great Gatsby And Right Ho, Jeeves I will be comparing an extract from the text "The Great Gatsby" to an extract from the text "Right Ho Jeeves". Both the characters in the texts are of wealthy background and both are wrote during the same era, (during the depression) but one is wrote by an American author and one by an English author.

In Right Ho Jeeves, the narrator speaks to you as a audience from the beginning, "I don't know if you"¦" and slowly from speaking to you recalls his buying of a jacket of which he expected "popular success" and is talking in the past tense. However, although the text Gatsby begins in a similar way, until the narrator gradually and discreetly changes from past to present tense.

The language of the text Jeeves is more colloquial and direct "sort of olive branch if you see what I mean."

and Geeves is writing of a different calibre which descriptive, detail and informative description, i.e.) "The Sea-change of faces".

Both men are of generous nature, Berty offers jeeves to help himself to "whisky and soda and so forth" and Gatsby lays out a spread of "spiced baked ham, pastry pigs and turkey bewitched to a dark gold."

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