Gandhi          India is a religious country; gaining India’s independence

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Gandhi India is a religious country; gaining India's independence from Great Britain was not an easy step. Ahisma is an idea that people resist the wrongdoer and believing in nonviolence. Under this belief, Gandhi showed the use of Ahisma could be effective to the great empire.

At this time, Great Britain has a lot of power. Most Europe, Africa, and Asia countries were ruled by the Great Britain. Like in South Africa a country ruled by the British. Gandhi finished law school in Great Britain and he wants to get a new job in South Africa. Gandhi was on a first-class train. People saw him and thought, "What is this colored man doing here." So they asked him to move to the third class, but Gandhi refuels and got kicked off the train. This showed Gandhi that no colored people would be in the high class. And if Indians are on the streets of South Africa they need to carry the government paper.

It's like a Jews have to wear the stars. And Gandhi didn't like that law, so he starts burning them. A British soldier told him that was government papers and begin to show violence by beating Gandhi. But Gandhi did not show violence back and kept burning the papers.

First, Gandhi breaks the law intentionally. So he can show to everybody what was going on and what they have to do to stop against this. This is called "civil disobedience". Second, Gandhi got charge and went to jail in Bombay because lots of Indians were looking up to him and following his steps. Making the British government afraid. The British was afraid because a large number of Indians were using Ahisma to fight against the British.

Still, Gandhi can't make all the Indians stop using violence. For example, a group of Indians saw the British soldiers beating on Indians. So they break into a British police station set the building on fire and killed six of the British soldiers. Gandhi was upset and fasted for 21 days. To take punishment for all the bad things that happen.

Finally, India gains their independence by using Ahisma or the path of non-violence. Because after all, India's non-violence made the British's violence looked much more badly. Gandhi believed, "love, the active state of Ahisma, requires you to resist the wrongdoer…". And Gandhi also believes that no other path but that of non-violence will suit India.

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