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Management plays a very important part in the workforce. Management provides employees with the guidance they need to get the job done. With proper management, a company and its employees can function more effectively. Without proper management a company may fail to meet its goals. In this paper I will identify some of the major functions of management. I will also give examples of how these functions are applied in my organization.

The first function of management I will discuss is planning. The supervisor must set goals for the employees and then determine how they can be met. Planning includes deciding what level of output to achieve and how many employees it will take to do so. I am an employee at a manufacturing facility. We assemble seats for automobiles. Each day the supervisor informs us of the number of seats that have to be assembled to meet our goal.

The supervisor then determines how many employees he has available and the number of employees he will need to meet the goal effectively. With proper planning we can meet our goals.

The next function I will discuss is organizing. After the supervisor determines what needs have to be met, he must then determine how to get the employees set up and assign work to them. As a supervisor organizing usually involves activities such as scheduling projects and assigning duties to employees. At my job, after the supervisor determines the number of seats that have to be made, he then assigns the employees to an area that he think the employee can work effectively in. My supervisor is very good at properly organizing his employees.

The next function will be staffing. Staffing can prove to be crucial to a supervisor's success. The supervisor must have qualified employees that...

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