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Tall buildings in a crowded city begin to set the mood for the opening scene in Blade Runner. Thinking of even a modern day city one would receive a rushed and crowded feelin. In the city in this film there are so many people in the streets that it is ahrd to move. A discomforting thing in itself, the city continues to feel gloomy because the film is set in pure darkness and smog. The element of the absolute darkness is brought forth more by the flashing neon lights lining the streets adn sky and the glowing umbrellas. With these umbrellas also brings another element of the scene. The future. This element is also portrayed with the hovercrafts and displays of computer technolgy. The characters in the scene seem to have an eerie escence. They use a mixture of German, Spanish and Japanese as a language. This odd dialect causes the viewer to wonder how all of these languages have been mixed together, which helps develop the story of the nuclear explosion better.

It also shows how the characters are world weary with the the monotone voice over.

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