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Brands of Dirt bikes and Four wheelers There are many different brands of dirt bikes and four wheelers. One of the brands is Honda. Other brands are Yamaha, and Kawasaki. There is also Polaris and Suzuki. Dirt bikes have brands other than those, one is Husquvarna. KTM is the other brand that makes dirt bikes not four wheelers.

Honda models include, in the utility four wheeler division, Recon which is a 250cc. It includes Rancher which is a 350cc. They include foreman which is a 450cc. And the last one is a rubicon which is a 500cc. In the racing four wheeler division is the 300ex and the 400ex. Honda has a good selection of dirt bikes also. They have four strokes and two strokes. There four strokes vary from 50cc to 500cc. There two strokes vary from 80cc to 600cc.

Polaris has only four wheelers. There selection vary from a 50cc to a 750cc.

There racing four wheelers are the scrambler 400 and the scrambler 500. Both of those four wheelers have a choice of 2wd or 4wd. There utility four wheelers are the sportsman, which come in 3 different sizes, 400cc, 500cc, and 600cc. The other models include explorer and trail boss.

Those are just a few of the four wheelers out there. There are many kinds of four wheelers. My favorite out of all of them is Honda, they make the strongest four wheelers out there. There are many different kind of dirt bikes out there to. My favorite dirt bike is a Honda cr125. These are just some of the brands of four wheelers and dirt bikes out there.

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