Four Skinny Trees

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"˜Four Skinny Trees' From reading the "˜Four Skinny Trees', I've found out many interesting facts that can be inferred from the way Esperanza told her story. First of all, I could infer that Esperanza looks at the trees because she thinks the trees and herself have similar characteristics. I inferred based on these phrases: "˜skinny neck and point elbow like mine' [3] and "˜four raggedy excuses planted by the city' [4]. Esperanza thinks the trees are torn which is similar to her wearing tattered cloth.

Second of all, I could infer that the relationship between the trees and her is quite personal for example "˜they are the only ones who understand me. I am the only one who understands them' [1] and "˜their strength is secret' [7]. This means she has some special feelings towards the trees and thinks she knows their secrets.

Thirdly, I was able to infer about the way she thinks about her life and herself.

She thinks the trees are "˜four who do not belong here but are here' [3]. Same as her life, she thinks that she does not belong to the Mango Street, but just live there. I could also infer that Esperanza appreciates nature because she prefers looking at trees rather than something else, "˜then it is, I look at trees' [16].

Most importantly, I could infer that she learns about the fact of life from these trees. These trees are "˜four who grew despite concrete', [18] "˜four who reach and do not forget to reach' [18], and "˜four whose only reason is to be and be' [19]. Esperanza learns to grow despite under less privileged circumstances. She also learns to keep reaching for her dreams, fight her life, and to live on, no matter what.

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