In Forester’s A Room with a View, Lucy Honeychurch a

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In Forester's A Room with a View, Lucy Honeychurch a young girl, who is at first easily influenced and controlled by her cousin Charlotte, grows up and learns how to make her own decisions. Lucy who is engaged to Cecil Vyce, a rich conceited man, finds her self in a love triangle with George Emerson, a simple, middle class person. A kiss with both of them helps Lucy to make her own decisions, and is a key factor in the development of the novel. Lucy's kiss with Cecil and George is very significant in the novel because of the way they each happened, the conversations that were had, and where they took place.

Lucy's kiss with George is very significant to the novel, because it throws the reader off. It makes the reader wonder what is going to happen next, because she is engaged to Cecil. George and Lucy 's relationship up until the kiss is very strange.

Even though Lucy and George had bonded because of the tragedy that happened by the Loggia, it wasn't expected what was going to happen next.

Lucy's kiss with George is very romantic, spontaneous and straightforward. George is the type pf person who never seemed to have a reason for life; he was always searching for meaning and answers, and had questions about everything. Being the type of person that George is, he wanted to kiss Lucy, and he did it. The kiss is romantic because it catches Lucy by surprise and ends up making her think a lot about George and she becomes very confused. Lucy was just wandering out to talk to George, and not expecting a kiss. George on the other hand, had something else on his mind. "George had turned around at the sound of her arrival. For...

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