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White Tigers Florida Florida is one of the leading tourism states in The United States. The land of swaying palm trees and warm ocean breezes attract visitors all year round, usually about 40 million annually. Many of these vacationers enjoy Walt Disney World, an amusement park near Orlando. Miami Beach is one of the states many famous resort centers. Other popular seaside resorts include clear water Daytona Beach, Fort Lauderdale, Key West, Palm Beach, Panama City, and Sanibel Island.

The area of Florida is 58,664 square miles. is elevation in it’s highest point it is 345 feet. The only two states that border Florida are Alabama and Georgia. The capital in Florida is Tallahassee. The admitted to unions in 1845 it was the 27th state. Other familiar names are Sunshine State, or Peninsula State. The population is 6,671,162, Florida motto is “ IN GOD WE TRUST” the state flower is the orange blossom.

Florida’s state bird is the making bird. The state tree is Palmetto, or Sabal palm. Fishing in florida on the ocean and the lake is a sport for people their. The lowest tempature is a 60 degrees the highest is about 110-120. It depends on what month it is. Some of the towns are Key West, Cape Coral, Fork Myers, Punta Golda, Sarasota, Bradaton, Fort Pierce, West Palm Beach, Boca Satori, and the biggest Hollywood.

The white tiger is one of the largest animals in the world. In fact the tiger is the biggest species of cat in the world. A person will be attacked by a tiger when it is injured , sick, or wounded. The white tiger is normally found in Asia and can live in almost any climate. The white tiger is a solitary animal ecsept when it is breeding season. The main prey of a white tiger are large animals such as antelope, deer, and oxen. The average length of a white tigers life is about 10 years. The length of a white tiger from nose to the tip of it’s tail

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