Fish House Secrets by Kathy Stinson

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This book was Kathy Stinson's first book for young adults. The novel "Fish House Secrets" was told from switching narrative views of the main characters Chad and Jill. This shows how these characters were dealing with each situation from their personal perspective. I especially enjoyed reading this type of novel because it allows the reader to know how both characters are seeing the situation. This offers the reader to be able to predict what is going to happen in the future because of the behaviour the charater is showing.

The two main characters Chad and Jill are two troubled teens who are looking to find answers to solve the many problems in their lives. Chad has recently lost his mother in a horrific car accident, leaving his father and him in dispair. His father now tries to be two parents in one which causes Chad to feel smothered. Chad and his mother are great painter's but ever since the accident Chad has been struggling with his art and feels like giving it up for good.

Jill at the same time has had enough of her stressful family. She is concerned about her brother and his personal problems are affecting the family. Jill is very concerned about her father's gambling problem and lack of support for the family. she decides to run away, gets lost and ends up at Chad's farm. Eventually she needs to eat so she follows chad and asks for his help. Chad helps her and soon she goes back to servce station to call aunt to tell her shes at arrived at her friends house. A series of things go wrong and she gets caught in her lies. She decides to go back to farm and get Chad to help her for a few days till things cool down. Her and Chad become close and soon Chad finds a new passion for painting again. just as suddenly as she came she goes leaving Chad with all sorts of new feelings inside. Chad now has guts to talk to his father about his mothers death and things all fall into place.

The setting of this story plays a huge role. It located on a old farm on the coast of Nova Scotia wich is lucky enough to be right around the area of where jill is supposed to be heading to visit her friend. It takes place during a rough time in both teens lives. They're both grieving. Jill is grieving the loss of a normal family life and Chad's grieving the loss of his mother. It dealt with many of the problems kids my age deal with and how two people found meaning again in their lives. It demonstrates how we all need to find someone special to help us through difficult times.

This was one of the best novels I have ever read. This book had a low degree of difficulty to read and is intended for the younger generation of readers. I enjoy reading boos which I have the opportunity to predict what will happen in the future and i did a fairly good job at predicting the out come of this book.

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