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How many of us have at one time or another reached a point in our career where we just didn't care? Where we just went to work for a paycheck? Where we just did enough to get by not caring how others felt about our performance? I think its fair to say that at sometime we have all reached that point. How we dealt with it is the issue of FISH.

Mary Jane Ramirez was faced with a very similar situation. Mary Jane a widowed mother of two was given a promotion to the third floor. Mary Jane reluctantly took the position knowing the reputation preceding the dreaded third floor or "toxic energy dump". Now faced with the struggle of what to do to increase the moral and productivity of the lifeless area Mary Jane had to get creative. Who would have thought that this creativity would have been found in a fish market? After escaping for lunch everyday to avoid the depressing discussions of the third floor Mary Jane stumbled across the answer to her problems, Pike Place Fish market. Lonnie the one responsible for the high energy at Pike Place is the one responsible for helping Mary Jane capture life on the third floor. It came down to four very simple points.

q Choose your attitude q Play q Make their day q Be Present These four points were the answer to Mary Jane's toxic energy dump and can be for yours as well. Take a look at these four simple points: Choose your attitude, Play, Make their day, and Be Present. How can anyone not see the world-class energy sure to come from following each of them. Everyday we have the ability to choose our attitude. We can chose to have a positive or negative attitude; it's up to us. Play, everyone must have some fun while on the job to keep ourselves motivated and energized. If we take the time to think how our actions effect one another, and how if we just tried a little harder we could make each other's day, think of the impact we could have on business. On the same token, to do so we must be present to make that impression, show each other that we care and are there 100%. Once Mary Jane and Lonnie came up with this list it was time to implement it at work. That was the easy part. Once everyone was introduced to the plan it took off and was an instant success. Over all the book was an easy and excellent read for anyone in any type of business. If we step back and take the time to absorb the information and the easy steps offered in Fish we can all ensure a high-energy work environment. Sit back and think of those times when you were stuck in a low moral, no energy, high stress work situation and imagine how: Choosing your attitude, Playing, Making their day, and being present could have corrected the problem. Now keep these steps with you and you can ensure that you will never be faced with the same situation ever again.

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