First person point of view of vampires in Rhode Island history

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When thinking about Rhode Island history, vampires is not often a

image that comes to mind right away, unless you are asking the right

person. Most will tell you of its colonial origins, or the booming

slave trade, or the dawn of the industrial revolution. Not many will

mention figures such as Nellie Vaughn or Mercy Brown. Unless, of

course, the person being asked is into that kind of thing. I am one

of these people. I love to look at the aspects of history that are a

little more obscure, or fantastical. When this project was announced,

I immediately knew what I would do. I wanted to visit the alleged

"vampire graves" of Exeter/West Greenwich.

Although maybe tougher to prove, Rhode Island's occult history is

just as important as its practical. Rhode Island was formed by those

society deemed outcasts. Smugglers, pirates, criminals, they all

called Rhode Island home.

This being the case, one cannot fully

examine Rhode Island's past without taking a peek into the darker side

of things. Stories have been circulating around as far back as most

people can remember about various vampires said to have lived in Rhode

Island. Two of these with graves located conveniently close together

are those of Nellie Vaughn and Mercy Brown, in West Greenwich and

Exeter respectively. I decided the only way to go on a true vampire

hunt would be under the full moon, so armed with only our knowledge of

vampire lore and some flashlights, Mike, his girlfriend Jenna, and I

headed out on our expedition once night had fallen.

Once we arrived at the incredibly dark Route 102, we knew almost

instantly we were in vampire country. Maybe it was the circumstances,

or just the darkness, but the woods and roads down here give off...

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