Financial Markets of the Middle East and North Africa: The Past and Present.

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Financial Markets of the Middle East and North Africa: The Past and Present

Middle East negative impact on the global market and North African (MENA) stock markets and brought the region's Economies to a standstill. When the U.S. military conflict May have had a compounding impact on foreign direct investment and other foreign-based income, the root of the problem precedes the war, going back to the political regimes and economic policies that dominate the region. Even while the region's oil production remains the most important factor in MENA's economies, the topics of most interest for this issue are the emerging markets in the area that present potential opportunities for global investment. Foreign investment remains minimal. Yet, this is necessary to assure the region's economic development.

This article introduces the major Middle Eastern and Northern Africa Economies' and their financial markets. In order to facilitate further referencing to these markets, each country is presented alphabetically.

This article lists some countries such as Bahrain, Egypt, Israel, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Morocco, Oman Tunisia, and Turkey. Also the author's presents some key macroeconomic indicators accompanied with some financial market measures in order to compare market Performances and economic factors among the major nine MENA Markets in the year-end 2000.with the Middle East persistently being in the global headlines. . The common techniques for measuring betas are based on regression analysis of historical data.

The evidence shows the importance of political turmoil not only in influencing the Israeli stock market, but also having a similar effect on The American exchanges. The assumption that market behavior reflects relevant information is explained by financial market efficiencies in the Random Walk and Efficient Market Hypotheses. BenZion, Klein, Shachmurove, and Yagil test the moving average (MA) method in comparison to the simple buy-and-hold (BH) policy on...

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