This is a fictional essay about child labour in India. Although not depicting a specific situation, every event is based on facts. Title of essay: Chained Destiny

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Chained Destiny

September 21st , Mangalore. India

To this day, I still do not know what made me come back to India. I suppose there is a certain force that attracts me to the country; like a moth to a flame. I have not forgotten the suffering and hardship I went through during my youth: those years have been imprinted on me. My eyes once joyful and alert are now sad and unfocused, almost veiled by the presence of horrifying memories. My skin once smooth and healthy has now the appearance of old leather, creased by multitudes of wrinkles and bearing the marks of past events. It pains me unbearably when my daughter, my darling Andhara looks at me. She is still so young, so innocent: she does not know. I wish with all my heart that I could forget, that things would be different. Yet, with each glance cast at my little daughter, unwelcome memories come rushing back...

As a young girl, I have never known childhood: my energy was channeled into helping mama raise Dinesh and Devran. Before they were born, I attended a small school in a nearby village. Although my thirst for knowledge grew with every day, my father forbid me to go back to school and instead obliged me stay at home and help. " More helping hands is more money!" - he always said. I knew he was right: it was my duty as a daughter to respect and comply with his wishes. In result, I didn't object when I stopped going to school and I didn't object when my parents gave me away to that dreadful man. I was but seven years old, yet I knew something was wrong. It was only later on that I found out that man was my new...

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