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Fences Pride is defined as Pleasure or satisfaction taken in an achievement, or possession. Everyone in the world shows pride one way or another. Each person has a negative or positive affect on others because of their pride. Negative pride is like having too much conceit while positive pride is just having enough to make yourself feel good about who you are. Pride is displayed through many actions such as one?s job, art, or hobbies. There are many forms of pride. One such play that demonstrates pride is Fences. In this play each character exhibits a certain amount of pride. Some have a negative influence on others while some have a positive influence on others. Throughout August Wilson?s play Fences Cory, Rose and Troy all display a certain amount of pride in who they are just as people do in society today.

Cory is filled with self worth. We first notice his pride when we learn of his football abilities and the fact that he is being recruited to play in college.

He is so happy with when playing the game that he feels that it is unnecessary to have the approval of his father. He enjoys what he does. This pride of his seems to have a positive affect on most of the people surrounding him. For example his mother enjoys the fact that he is always happy and his brother is also impressed with Cory being recruited to college. His pride does take him a little too far. He thinks he is so strong and always right that he fights with his father on learning the fact that his father had cheated. After being beaten his pride is lost, but by the end of the novel we find out that he found another way to regain his pride...

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