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Period 8 August 31, 2001 Summary/Reaction In his article, "Back from Nowhere," Tom Friend explains how Jason Thomas has resurfaced as possibly the best college quarterback in the nation. You might not be familiar with his name because he has played only 11 football games in the last four years. Jason's motivation flows from the death of his sister, Lois, the six screws in his ankle, and the USC coach that never gave him a chance. Jason has made well on all his second chance opportunities that life has generously given him. He has fought back from the loss of his sister and the injury that nearly cost him his whole football career. Jason is now a probable Heisman trophy winner and a top-5 NFL pick in next year's draft.

I truly believe that Jason Thomas' dramatic story can be an inspiration to us all.

When people have the fight within themselves, they can excel and achieve whatever they're striving for. People need to understand that when you put your mind to something; you can do anything. In other words, the sky is the limit. In fact, I firmly believe that there is nothing that can hold you back but yourself. Therefore, I want to encourage everyone to use past experiences to motivate themselves into the future.

Magazine Friend, Tom. "Back from Nowhere." ESPN 3 Sept. 2001: 68-71.

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