Fateful Love

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A young man Billy a protestant and a young women Siobhan a catholic work in a linen factory sweeping the floors. The two begin to become friendly and decide to go out together. After a couple of months Billy decides to introduce Siobhan to his parents. They arrange for Siobhan to come for dinner on Sunday, the couple are nervous about the reaction of Billy's parents. They were right to be because Billy's parents do not take the news well and an argument takes place and Siobhan becomes distressed and leaves upset.

The following day Billy goes around to Siobhan's house to patch things up but he is confronted by Siobhan's brother Sean. Billy tries desperately to explain the situation but Sean lashes out and tells Billy never to come near Siobhan again or he will be sorry. Billy leaves devastated. He returns home packs his bags without a word to his parents and leaves in a rage.

He then decides that he will go around to Siobhan's street and wait for her and see if he can talk some sense into her.

He waits in the cold, dark night almost loosing hope when Siobhan appears. As she walks past he grabs her and pulls her into a side alley and asks her to leave home and run away to America with him were they can live together in peace. After thinking about it Siobhan agrees to go. As they walk of towards the harbour little did they know that Siobhan's father was standing at the other end of the alley. He is furious to see the two together and follows them to the bridge. He can no longer hold his rage and violently attacks Billy. Billy lies motionless in a pool of blood with Siobhan by his side sobbing relentlessly and Siobhan's father looking down upon Billy with a smile of victory.

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