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A family is something that you can always depend on and go to when times seem unbearable. My family is very special to me even though I do not show them how much I care. Some of the qualities I admire about my family are: they care about me and the activities I'm involved in, they support me, and they understand or try to understand my problems.

I am very lucky to have a family that is as caring as mine. They go to all of my activities that I may be involved in. My dad is a happy go lucky type of guy and does whatever when it comes to being supportive. While my mom worries about me all the time, but I know it is because she cares. Leigh Ann who may I say drives me crazy half of the time gives me advice and helps me out when I have to many things going at once.

My family is also very supportive. No matter what happens, they are always there to lend a helping hand or a shoulder to cry on. I have had a lot of wrecks during my years at New Boston High School and they have never gotten upset with me. My family just pats me on the back and says better luck next time.

Another quality that my family possesses is to understand my problems. My problems may be great or small, but they are no match for my family. They believe that nothing is impossible as long as we have each other. I always know when I have a problem I can depend on them to understand and give me advice to make matters better. My family just takes on day at a time and problems as they come.

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