Fall of The Roman Empire

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When discussing the Roman Empire one of the most popular topics is how this mighty empire fell. There are two main views about how the Roman Empire began to fall apart, some believe that it was because of inner strife that occurred in the empire, and weakened the empire so that it could be torn apart from the out side. On the other hand some scholars believe that the Roman Empire crumbled because of out side forces that stressed the empire to its breaking point. But, when it comes to my opinion I think that the answer lies within a happy medium of both ends, I believe that it was a combination of both out side and inside forces that caused the Roman Empire to collapse.

When we look at the scholarly debate that took place about this issue it is very obvious why these historians argue their points, it is because they are both right.

One states that it was inner strife such as the plague which diminished Rome's population , especially the slave class, and because of the political situation that both demoralized the population, and allowed for the outside forces to get into Rome. But, on the other hand the opposing view believes that it was these out side forces such as the Germanic people, and other enemies of Rome that were pressing on its borders that caused that downfall of the empire, and this scholar goes on to say that had it not been for these out side forces than Romes inner political state would not have become so destabilized, and there for would have been able to stay in control.

This is what the scholars argue, and this is why I formulated my opinion as a combination of both of theirs. This is because I...

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