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Facing It

Her day has started, her eyes are open

The buzzer rings, it's time to learn.

As time passes, she switches classes,

The sermon bores her, her eyes start to close.

"Take the bus,

Grab your lunch,

...Don't forget to lock the door."

She's wide-awake

Her lives at stake

Has she failed to do her chores?

"Take good notes,

Pay attention!

Your future will depend on this."

Her thoughts are poised on self-achievement

Yet finds herself below the rest

Her lurid eyes engage in learning

The frigid book clutched near her breast

Her work is never good enough

My expectations are never met

It seems like things are slowly descending

In a downward spiral of words left unsaid

I go home




Of the day that I may rest again.

Diction: The implied meaning of the word choice in paragraph 3 was meant to show her enduring behavior, no matter how stressed the girl really is.

The diction starts out with a colloquial tone, and ends with a more formal one more used for writing.

Images: You can almost get a glimpse of what the girl in the poem really looks like.

Details: The quotation marks throughout the poem are meant to represent not only what she is thinking, but her self-conscience as well.

Sentence Structure: Note how the first paragraph flows, while the next paragraph is more blunt and to the point. The sudden change from the sentences in paragraph one to the snappy, short ones in the following paragraph assist in this. I used long, lengthy sentences at the beginning to emphasize the drastic change of emotions in the second paragraph. The second paragraph was meant to be the climax of the entire poem; the point at which the reader should feel the most...

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