Faced with many stereotypes, the Islamic religion is degraded and

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Faced with many stereotypes, the Islamic religion is degraded and judged as a bad religion. So the question is asked ?Does The Islam Religion fit its common stereotype?? After the recent tragedy on 9.11.01 most people in America see the Religion as evil and not of gods doing. When in fact Islam is the basis for many religions in the world. So is the religion bad or good? Many have different opinions on that question, but after a lot of research it?s easy to see that the Islam religion is judged very falsely and doesn?t fit it?s common stereotype at all.

People who are members of the Islamic religion are called Muslims.

They have rules to live by which are known as the ?Five Pillars of Islam.? These rules consist of ways of life and the way to live. They start with testimony of faith (Kalima), Prayer (Salat), Fasting (Sawm), Almsgiving (zakat), and Pilgrimage (Hajj).

These are five formal acts which help strength a Muslims faith and obedience. Their god is known as Allah which In their language means peace be with you. Muslims believe that man should stand in high moral respect and take strong part in his religion. They feel that women should be covered from head to toe. Although this stereotype is one that is usually thought of when the Islamic religion is mentioned, It?s very false.

The Muslim religion doesn?t discriminate against other religions.

in fact the Qur?an (the Muslim Holy Book) recognizes Christians in a positive way.

The Qur?an states ?that the Christian man is a man of the book??.?! Where as other people believe that the Islamic religion criticizes other religions. People tend to look Down at things in which they don?t know about. This statement defiantly goes to the defense of the Islamic...

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