Evolution of gender roles on television

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Throughout history, the world has gone through many changes in technology. One invention that has revolutionized the world has been the television. Society has been transformed by this means of communication thought the mass media. Television plays a great role in society and has changed our lives. It has impacted society's view on gender roles.

The birth of a new communication medium known as the television began in the early 1900's. Television was not invented by a single inventor, instead many people working together and alone, contributed to the evolution of TV. However, Dr. Vladimir Zworykin , a member of the Radio Commission Agency, is credited by most historians as the father of television. He introduced the kinescope picture tube, which formed the basis for subsequent advances in the field of television production ( Bellis).

In April of 1939, many American were not only able to hear but also see President Roosevelt present his speech at the World Fair.

This was the first public broadcasting in America. This changed people's lives dramatically. People were now able to feel like they had a connection to what was going on in the world. Thanks to the TV people felt like they were present to these important historical events.

Most American rely on the television for news, sports and entertainment. This has lead to American dependence on the Television. Having a television in one's home has become very important in today's society. TV is the most popular appliance in the history of the world. Ninety-eight million American have at least one TV in their

household ( Karagianis).

According to a study done by the Masshuchetts Institution of Technology, TV mirrors society. TV is a forum that dramatizes and facilitates cultural change. One area that has been affected has been gender roles within family...

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